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Cultural Placemaking

A new urban business, culture and residential community within the city’s creative quarters, the Nottingham Island project will provide a safe, high quality and mixed neighbourhood with its own distinct character and identity.


Wellbeing is at the heart of this scheme, reinforced by walkable, cyclable streets and reduced dependence on cars and vehicular movements. A beautiful and extensive public linear park threads through the site east to west, empathising the importance of breathing and retreat space in our future cities.


The scheme comprises of nearly 1000 residential apartments, over half a million square feet of modern workplace and creative enterprise, a 174 key hotel and extensive university accommodation including 666 student accommodation rooms along with community amenity, local retail and leisure.


Approved in outline by the City Council and moving into technical design stages, the populous of Nottingham will find this new neighbourhood a vibrant and equally relaxing counterpoint to the city centre as a place to work, rest and play.

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