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Commercial strategy for a significant waterfront regeneration project in Dover.


Leslie Jones Architecture is appointed by the Port of Dover and Bride Hall Real Estate Partners to design and deliver the commercial strategy of the partnership’s Dover waterfront regeneration project as part of the Western Docks Revival.

The design solutions for the mixed-use development comprise a mix of uses including residential, retirement living, catering, retail and leisure facilities to revitalise the town and elevate the area’s offering. Leslie Jones’s designs will compliment Dover’s historical context, while bringing a modern mixed-use development to an iconic transport hub.

Leslie Jones’ expertise of applying successful designs to varied contexts will ensure Dover’s waterfront homes, businesses and leisure facilities will be able to effectively capitalise on being on the doorstep of one of the UK’s busiest transport hubs. The practice’s ability in capturing successful elements of mixed-use schemes across the UK, and adapting, then transferring them to the benefit of a development in a port environment has meant Leslie Jones is well placed to bring this seaside town back to life.

The design solutions have ensured the commercial development will be accessible and easy to navigate, providing businesses and retailers the opportunity to engage effectively with consumers.

The waterfront regeneration project will be developed as part of the wider Dover Western Docks Revival project, which will ensure the port, handling goods worth an estimated £100 billion on behalf of UK plc, can utilise its unique location to develop its cargo business whilst supporting the existing ferry, cruise and marina operations throughout the projects’ timelines.

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