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We were asked to review the street level of Elephant Park, London and create a unique place brand positioning that would resonate with the local community and influence the masterplan of the wider development. 

Although several phases had been launched, apartments were selling and shops were being let, there was a concern the place brand positioning hadn’t yet been nailed. We were asked to use our placemaking brand service to reposition this remarkable Central London location by giving it a bigger purpose.


Our starting point was out on the street with the local community, engaging with them to capture their unique ideas and thoughts around Elephant Park. We also met with key stakeholders in the business and the local council to understand the ambitions, and challenges of the urban location.


From the in-depth research and insight, it became clear that there was a strong underlying message to be told about Elephant Park. The step change stayed true to what Elephant Park could own; to stop thinking of it as a place to buy and instead see it as a place to spend time. The place brand positioning was crafted to represent a vibrant social hub that brings residents out and locals in.

Project scope: Research & insight / Strategy & positioning / Place branding / Communication design.


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