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Our approach is human centred and seeks to make informed decisions that create holistic, flexible and resilient urban strategies.

We understand that each urban place is unique, so we adapt our services to suit the challenge at hand, from in-depth market research to test activations and integrated PropTech.  We build knowledge and use it to shape the future strategy of a place.

Our approach uses rapid interventions to quickly create a rich source of data, from which the key learnings and knowledge are fed into the future urban strategy and vision, providing long term benefits of continually informing, challenging and pushing the urban masterplan.


From the outset we are focussed on stemming decline, our methods have a dual purpose of rebuilding and repopulating whilst also gathering insight. Increased place awareness, footfall and frequency, ATV, asset values and improved tenant quality/mix are just some of the immediate benefits of this approach.


We are data rich, challenger placemakers using insight and technology to catalyse urban innovation.  


Unsure about the best approach for your regeneration masterplan or looking for visionary ways to improve your asset value, then contact us to find out how we can help.


Our services are anchored around our goal of reinvigorating urban centres and high footfall spaces by delivering innovative, rapid and investible solutions in seed usage, repurposing, development and infrastructure.

Urbankind brings all the pieces of the urban placemaking puzzle together. With us there is no more loss of knowledge or passion in an 'over the wall' approach, instead we remain your place guardians through the whole process; from strategic urban vision through to delivery.  


Data-driven definition of local needs and economic options.

/ Consumer research – quantitative & qualitative

/ Consultation - face-to-face interviews, focus groups, stakeholders

/ Catchment modelling – current & future

/ Trends & futurology

/ Site visit & place survey

/ Audit of existing PropTech

/ Audit of existing economic plan

/ Finance & investment - feasibility & option analysis


Detailed urban design and planning, with implementation supported by a network of partners.

/ Urban masterplan – live, work, play & learn

/ Cultural masterplan – social & community

/ Digital masterplan – technology & infrastructure

/ Engagement & event activation

/ Place branding


Actionable vision with a creative intervention 


/ Market Dynamics – sector, brand, asset & consumer analysis 

/ Strategy & positioning

/ Vision & roadmap

/ Financial & economic impact assessments 

/ Concept exploration


Turnkey delivery of assets using data and technology to boost growth. 

/ Physical architecture – temporary, permanent & public realm

/ Digital architecture & integration 

/ Service & utilities infrastructure

/ Place communication strategy & implementation 

/ Review and optimise

Our services
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